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As an experienced and longstanding manufacturer of leatherware goods, imitation leather and material goods, we know that running an enterprise is associated with multiple challenges of which the most important is to propose the client a professional product. It should fulfil both aesthetic and price requirements. Equally important is the fast realization of orders. This is why we are constantly modernizing our machine facilities, as well as conducting training of our employees so that the products that leave our firm are of the highest quality.
As the leading producer of leatherware goods (advertising, everyday use, occasional and others), we make every effort for our offer to completely satisfy our clients that appreciate elegance and convenience. Our production capacity (several thousand products per day) facilitates the fulfilment of the needs of even the largest organizations on the market, such as banks, government institutions or international corporations.
Thanks to over 25 years of cooperation with the largest advertising agencies in Poland, our company guarantees that goods shall be in accordance with the specifications and requirements of the client, as well as fulfilling the strict criteria characterized by the trends of contemporary advertising.
We actively participate in all important events of the fashion world and we participate in international advertising fairs.
Our offer not only consists of briefcases and document cases, but also conference covers, diploma cases, women’s handbags and a multitude of other products that are a perfect medium of informative advertising, as well as targeted, prestige and other forms of advertising. Our complete offer may be found at our website. If however, you can not find an interesting product, we can execute a special request. In terms of this issue, we have practically no limitations.
Products that are ordered from us may be marked with the aid of various technologies available (overprint, pressing, laser and others). The overprint may be in the form of wording, logo or any chosen graphics designed by you or our company. Thanks to the possibilities of marking, your product shall become distinctive, shall advertise your firm as constantly visible, while also long-lasting and convenient in terms of everyday use.
We warmly invite you to cooperate with us and become familiar with our complete offer.


Jan-Pol BIS Team